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Alisher Eshbekov Acquitted of Anti-Doping Charge by RUSADA

On 29 July 2020, the Disciplinary Anti-doping Committee (DADC) at RUSADA, which operates as a first-instance anti-doping panel in Russia, acquitted Mr Alisher Eshbekov, a Russian hammer thrower, of the anti-doping charge under Art. 2.1 of the Russian Anti-Doping Regulations.

The charge was issued by RUSADA in May 2019 in connection with a positive test for class S1.1 substance of the WADA Prohibited List (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) following re-examination of the sample taken in 2014. The alleged anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) could lead to a lifetime ban on the athlete in view of the ADRV for which Mr. Eshbekov was sanctioned with a two-year ban in 2012. The case took more than a year to investigate and present evidence, including the obtainment of an expert opinion from a WADA-accredited laboratory.

Mr. Eshbekov was represented by the Firm’s Senior Adviser, Mr. Sergei Lisin.

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