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From advisory to dispute resolution: we add value with insights and proactive approach.

Whatever your sport or career path, we can help in the following ways: 

  • ​provide valuable insights;

  • assess risks and formulate a strategy;

  • negotiate with employers and sponsors;

  • resolve disputes.


We stand for clean sport and advise athletes and athlete personnel with respect to nutrition, training methods, therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), samples' collection, applicable anti-doping laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions. We can facilitate a dialog with anti-doping bodies and federations to protect athletes' rights if an investigation is launched.

Commercial Matters

From sponsorship to employment, we can draft contracts and negotiate best terms on behalf of athletes and/or their agents. Our senior advisors have background in professional sport and have therefore intimate knowledge of the athletes' everyday issues. We prefer plain language and speed over legalese and never-ending negotiations. 

Finance and Taxes

International career in sport involves receiving payments and incurring costs in more than one country. The best approach is to have a preliminary discussion with our tax experts and have an action plan in terms of necessary paperwork, tax filings and mitigating tax exposure before moving to another country. 

Dispute Resolution

Anti-doping investigations can be stressful and catch an athlete off guard in the midst of the season. We take control of the ongoing communication with the anti-doping organisations and represent athletes at disciplinary tribunals, arbitration courts, both domestic and international. Commercial disputes can be resolved in state and arbitration courts if we cannot reach an amicable agreement by means of a confidential negotiation. 

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